When is the right time to upgrade your kitchen? 7 signs that you need to replace your kitchen


While you may be tempted to replace your new kitchen due to new trends in decor, upgrading your kitchen is a big decision. Not just in terms of the cost to do so but also due to the upheaval in your home due to the work that needs to be undertaken. Work that could put your kitchen out of action for a period of time. So how do you know when it’s the right time to upgrade your kitchen?

As the most used room in our home, kitchens will naturally suffer from general wear and tear which will indicate when you should start to think about replacing. However, there are 7 signs that it may be time to start getting inspiration from those Pinterest boards.


7 Signs That You Need to Replace Your Kitchen

#1 You Dislike Your Kitchen So Much You Don’t Use It

If you’re embarrassed to invite friends and family over, or just hate spending time in your kitchen yourself, then it’s time for a change.

You’ll maybe save money on eating out too!

#2 Damage or Significant Wear or Tear

Do you have cracked tiles or have cupboards that are splitting? Maybe you have some leaky plumbing that you’ve put up with or flooring that has become a trip hazard?

While you could replace and/or fix that one particular issue, many homeowners use the opportunity to overhaul their kitchen at the same time. When you are taking the time and effort to do one job, it can be more efficient to complete all of the work at the same time.

Less time in the long run and potentially less upheaval for you too.

#3 Outdated Appliances

Are 2 of the 4 burners on your gas stove no longer working? Do you enjoy socialising but struggle with a single oven that seems to cook food unevenly?

Upgrading appliances can not only vastly improve your own enjoyment in the kitchen but will also save you on running costs. The latest updates and advancements in technology have improved their performance and this will naturally have a knock-on impact on your household bills.

Instead of replacing just the appliances, which may make your kitchen look more dated, it’s no surprise that many people jump at the opportunity to get that full dream kitchen at the same time.

#4 You Spend Hours Cleaning

Sunken grout and tiles that constantly need scrubbed to look half clean can take up too much of your precious family time. So, if you are spending hours cleaning your kitchen, then a kitchen refresh could be the change you need.

There is now a wide range of options in splashbacks, flooring, cabinet finishes and sinks, that can reduce the ‘high-maintenance’ cleaning rituals and keep your kitchen gleaming day after day.

#5 You Never Seem to Have Enough Counter Space

If every cupboard is full and you never seem to have enough counter space, your kitchen isn’t providing you with the functionality that you need. If you love a clean, uncluttered worktop space with room to cook, then it’s time to redesign your space to fit your needs.

New cupboard interiors and a new layout, can really take kitchen design to the next level and make it into space you love! Whether it’s spice drawers, recycling, waste removal, pull outs, towel racks, tray storage or carousels, today’s kitchen storage options are endless.

Personally, we love the magic corner where the corners of a kitchen turn from being a dead-space into a practical storage space.

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#6 You are Looking to Sell Your Home

As the heart of the home, the age and appearance of a kitchen naturally have an impact on the selling price.

New homeowners could be put off by the amount of work that is required to upgrade a kitchen and thus its the one room that could materially impact a new owners decision to buy.

If you are struggling to sell your home or considering selling a home, a new kitchen can increase the buying price and attract a buyer more quickly.

#7 Your Kitchen No Longer Suits Your Lifestyle

There are times when significant changes in our lives impact how we use our homes.

If the teenagers have the flown the nest, you may no longer need to use your kitchen as a study, business office, and laundry room! Or if you are someone who has recently decided to retire or work part-time, you may finally have time to indulge in your passion for baking, cooking or entertaining at home.

Whatever your current lifestyle, if your kitchen no longer works for your lifestyle, then an upgrade could be an ideal investment to make.



Is it time to upgrade your kitchen?

Did you relate to one of our 7 signs that you need to upgrade your kitchen? Or have you recently replaced your kitchen and now love your space?

If you’re struggling to decide whether it’s time to upgrade, then we’d also love to hear from you in the comments below.

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