Whether you’ve just moved home or are looking to freshen up a room, your window dressing is one of the key priorities when considering decor.

Blinds are a really effective way of controlling natural light entering your room. If you’ve got kids you’ll know there is nothing worse than light at bedtime! But all of us will have experienced the annoyance of sun glare during the day; blinds allow you to find a happy medium without having to shut out the light completely.

How do you choose whether to pick curtains or blinds? Well a lot of is up to personal taste, but a few things to consider would be:

  • Level of privacy required
  • Size of room and window to cover
  • Room type
  • Does it need to be waterproof?
  • The level of natural light you’d like to maintain.

We provide free home estimates, usually carried out by either Derek or Gary. As well as taking measurements, they’ll be on hand to advise of any issues they can foresee; for example blinds on a patio door, choices might be limited due to the handle positioning.

All of our prices include the blinds, installation and disposal of any old materials, providing you with a complete solution from start to finish.

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We’ve not exactly been blessed with the sunniest of summers yet, but that doesn’t stop the light flooding into our rooms.

Whether the kids aren’t going to bed; the sun glare is messing with your TV binge sessions or you just feel like your neighbours are seeing more than you’d like. Arrange for Derek to pop out and get measurements for your windows and he’ll bring a selection of samples for you to look at.

If you’re at the end of your tether with children not going to bed, the sun causing a glare on your TV screen or perhaps just your nosy neighbour

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Styles of blinds

We work with a couple of high quality key suppliers so that we can provide you with a wide offering to choose from. The styles that we supply include roman, roller, vertical, pleated, duo-fabric, wood and metal venetian the details of which you will find below. All of our installations come with child safety features which either break under pressure, tension the cord or are stored out of reach, allowing you to rest easy.


Roman blinds

Take a look at our made to measure fabric selection in either of our showrooms and you’ll find most of them are available as roman blinds, the main exceptions are heavy pile fabrics. Similar to the made to measure curtains, you’ll be able to get complementing cushions which can help bring the look of a room together.

Roman blinds are ideal when you have a window above a radiator and don’t want to cut the heat out. Often used in kitchens and bathrooms but can be used throughout the house, and are a great way to block out sun glare during the day. The use of bright patterns can bring character to a relatively neutral room without it becoming overwhelming.

Roller blinds

From neutral and natural tones to bright, bold blocks of colour there is a multitude of roller blinds available and that is before we get into the range of patterns!

Roller blinds fit snugly next to the window and look great no matter what the size. They are so flexible as you can adjust them to whatever height what you’d like and when not in use they can vanish, almost completely.

Our new range of duo-blinds have been really popular as they allow you to run a sheer and blackout blind on the same window, giving you an element of privacy while bringing more light into the room when you want.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are made up of horizontal slats held together by a cord ladder. They are extremely practical as they can pivot to alter the amount of light that you want in your room or be drawn up and out of the way which is ideal especially if you have young children.

They are available in a variety of materials including aluminum, plastic, wood or wood grain with colours available to complement your existing room style. Different slat widths are also offered ranging from 15 to 50mm; the wider slats tend to suit larger windows as it can look a little cluttered on a smaller frame. In the opposite vein, slim slats will create a large header when drawn up due to the volume of slats required.

Vertical blinds

A vertical blind is made up of individual fabric slats that are attached to a sliding track at the top. They are joined together by weights and can be controlled by two separate cords/chains; one for tilting the angle of the slats, the other for drawing them open altogether.

Vertical blinds can look great both on their own or paired with curtains. They have recently gone through a resurgence as brighter colours and a wider range of materials have come on the scene giving them a more contemporary feel.

Vertical blinds are a great alternative to a net curtain, they can provide your with privacy and are easy to adjust, you can also now opt for a blackout material.

Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds are an attractive and contemporary alternative to a venetian or roller blind. Fitting tight to your window, they allow you to spread the daylight into your room and can neatly tuck away when not required.

Available in numerous colours and wide variety of opaque and black-out fabrics they are easy to clean and have no visible cords or holes present.

Opaque fabrics are ideal for rooms such as conservatories where you can use them to help regulate the heat without losing all the natural light at the same time.

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FAQ’s About Blinds

Q1. Do blackout blinds make the whole room dark?

A No, not always. The fabric is blackout meaning that it will not let any light pass through it. However, due to the window design, some blinds will let a strip of light enter the room around the surrounding edges. To prevent this you can use a a room darkening application.

Q2. Can you get vertical blinds without chains at the bottom?

A. Yes, you can get vertical blinds that are weighted at the bottom. Giving you the same manoeuvrability but without the chains linking each blind slat together.

Q3. Can you print onto roller blinds ?

A. Yes, turn your roller blinds into a statement piece by printing photos, artwork or logos directly onto the material. If you’ve not got your own deisgn, you can always peruse our bank of images.

Q4. Can you get remote controlled blinds?

A. Absolutely, why is it always when you just sit down that you realise that you need to get back up again to close the blinds!

The most commonly used is the One Touch Applicator; it has a motor in the headrail that you can control by remote control, it is supplied with a charger however there are also options for hardwiring and solar power.

Q5. What are day and night blinds?

A. These type of blinds get called all sorts of things by retailers including; Night & Day blinds, Duo Roller Blinds, Double Roller Blinds and Two Tone blinds making it fairly confusing!

Here at Millers, we call them Duo Roller Blinds. They operate similarly to a roller blind but have alternating strips of sheer and solid fabric that allow you to vary that amount of light that you want to flow through. Ideal if you want to enjoy natural light but with an element of privacy.

Q6. Can you get blinds to fit windows without screwing into the window surrounds?

A. Yes, using our Perfect Fit or Intu applications. These are fitted with brackets to the bead of the windows.

These solutions will allow you to maintain a valid warranty for newly installed windows; but are also great for tilt & turn windows.

Looking for a perfect fit?

Our Roller, Venetian and Pleated blinds are all available in a perfect fit.

Available only with UPVC windows, the system uses a frame that fits snuggly to your window clipping into place, meaning no screws are required.

These blinds don’t require any cords or controls making them ideal for child safety.

Got Any Questions?

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