Buying a New Kitchen? 6 Reasons to Have your Kitchen Professionally Fitted

Buying a kitchen at anytime is exciting! Choose the designs, pick the perfect worktop, ask the right questions, imagine yourself entertaining in the perfect space—from start to finish it should be a positive experience. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. The financial investment that is required often means people look to cut corners and save money where they can. … Read More

Why are German Kitchens so popular?

Kitchens are commonly one of the most used rooms in your house, and it will add the most value to your property if it needs upgrading. Two primary reasons to make the right decision before installing a new kitchen in your property. German kitchens have an unrivalled pedigree, well known for generations as being the best type of kitchen to … Read More

Curtains vs Blinds:  Which is Best For Your Home?


Whether you’ve just moved home or are looking to freshen up a room, your window dressing is one of the key priorities when considering decor. But how do you choose whether to pick curtains or blinds? Are curtains or blinds best for your home? While your decision will come down to personal taste, we’ve covered the advantages and disadvantages of … Read More

What Happens When You Buy A Fitted Wardrobe from Millers?  A 10 Step Guide


Whether you’ve spent hours or days googling fitted wardrobe costs and designs, once you’ve made a decision to buy one, you might be wondering what next? At Millers, we recognise that when you’re making a significant investment in your home, communication is key.  So to help you feel less overwhelmed about the full process, we’ve published our 10 Step Guide … Read More

How Much Does a Fitted Wardrobe Cost?


Our need for organisation and simplicity seems to have grown stronger as our lives have become more ‘busy’. And whether inspired by a new year, that ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’ Netflix series or just sheer fed up of wearing the same clothes over and over again, opting for a fitted wardrobe can help extend the sense of calmness and … Read More

Buying a Carpet? 6 Mistakes People Make When Buying a Carpet

buying a carpet 6 mistakes people make when buying a carpet

Making the decision to buy a carpet is not something that we do often but it’s a decision that we want to get right so that it will last for years to come. But how do you avoid repeating the mistakes people make when buying a carpet? Having started out in business with carpet and upholstery cleaning, Gary has nearly … Read More