How Much Does a Fitted Wardrobe Cost?


Our need for organisation and simplicity seems to have grown stronger as our lives have become more ‘busy’. And whether inspired by a new year, that ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’ Netflix series or just sheer fed up of wearing the same clothes over and over again, opting for a fitted wardrobe can help extend the sense of calmness and … Read More

Buying a Carpet? 6 Mistakes People Make When Buying a Carpet

buying a carpet 6 mistakes people make when buying a carpet

Making the decision to buy a carpet is not something that we do often but it’s a decision that we want to get right so that it will last for years to come. But how do you avoid repeating the mistakes people make when buying a carpet? Having started out in business with carpet and upholstery cleaning, Gary has nearly … Read More

Freestanding Wardrobe vs Fitted Wardrobe: Which is Best? (Reviewed)

Fitted Wardrobe vs Freestanding Wardrobe Which is best?

If you are taking the time to create your dream bedroom, then it’s likely that you’ve started to consider the type of wardrobe you prefer.    And while there are lots of wardrobe options available to provide the optimum bedroom storage, you are likely to be weighing up the pros and cons of a fitted wardrobe vs freestanding wardrobe. So … Read More

7 Reasons to Buy A Fitted Wardrobe from Millers

7 Reasons to Buy A Fitted Wardrobe from Millers

We often spot social media posts that talk about “shopping local” or that a “small business owner does a happy dance” every time you buy.  It’s true, we do (and we really should video Gary’s to share), however, we also know that when you are spending your hard earned money on a fitted wardrobe, our happy dance may not be … Read More

Best UK Interior Design Magazines


The other week Gary and Brenda visited the Spring Autumn Fair in Birmingham.  With hundreds of suppliers under one roof, it’s the perfect chance to keep up to date on trends and see products up close before making that all important buying decision. If you too are someone who loves keeping up to date on interior design or are planning … Read More

10 Macmillan Coffee Morning Recipes

At Millers we love cake and coffee and are excited to be hosting our very own coffee morning as part of Macmillan Cancer Supports World’s Biggest Coffee Morning campaign.  So as the Montrose team prepare for their own ‘bake off’, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite Macmillan Coffee Morning recipes. We hope the team take our very big hint and … Read More

Looking for Bedroom Storage Ideas? 8 Benefits of Fitted Wardrobes

bedroom storage benefits of fitted wardrobes

With increasingly busy lives, we all crave a bedroom that we can retreat to. A place to de-stress and unwind from day to day life, just like those we see in those glossy magazines. However, in reality, one of the most common complaints from homeowners when it comes to their bedrooms is the lack of storage which causes chaos instead … Read More