Why are German Kitchens so popular?

Kitchens are commonly one of the most used rooms in your house, and it will add the most value to your property if it needs upgrading. Two primary reasons to make the right decision before installing a new kitchen in your property.

German kitchens have an unrivalled pedigree, well known for generations as being the best type of kitchen to install in your home. But, why are they so popular? There’s a simple answer, they are modular, precision engineered units, well known for beautiful functional design, fabulous worktops and pure elegance. Keep reading and you’ll begin to understand these benefits.

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German Kitchens are known for their Strength & Durability

Germans have built a reputation for their ability to engineer great products. Their kitchens are no exception. Germans rigorously test their kitchens to ensure durability. Typically, the result is that German engineered wall units are able to hold greater weight than standard kitchen units and usually come with a minimum of 15 years ‘operating life’.

German kitchens are longer lasting because they arrive pre-built, they are manufactured, assembled correctly onsite and quality checked before leaving the factory. The units are more robust, and you can rest assured that you won’t be missing any parts. Great news, you’ll even save time on your installation, because you won’t need to spend time building your units first.

German Kitchens are fabulously functional

Innovation is intrinsic to any well-designed product. German kitchens are a superb blend of attention to detail, problem solving and aesthetics. A German kitchen will allow you to use space where flat packed kitchens are usually unable, they will provide you with cupboards that become useful, cupboards with hidden spice racks or self-propelled mechanisms, some even come with magic corners – ask us and we’ll show you!

Design is never compromised with a German Kitchen.

New kitchens can be a hefty investment, and because of this, German kitchens will never compromise on design. You want a kitchen designed to induce envy and wow visitors with the internal complexity. German kitchens cater for all tastes and styles, so you are guaranteed to find a style to suit your home. When you stop buying off the shelf flat packed kitchens, you can be much more in control of the design of your kitchen. It’s the heart and soul of your house, install the right kitchen first time. 

If you’re unsure whether your kitchen needs an upgrade, you can find out here.