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The Golspie Leather Range is made for Millers in Italy by what is regarded as one of the finest sofa makers in Europe. Each Golspie is made-to-order, allowing you to select the leather grade and colour to suit your needs to complement your lifestyle.

The Golspie is manufactured use the highest quality Italian leathers, expertly treated with a mixture of oils, waxes and resins to give their unique tonal effects. The Golspie is available to order in a range of leather grades, from uniform corrected grain semi-aniline to full hide natural grain, leather suede and fully aniline leathers. The quality and thickness of the leather can be felt immediately – it is soft and smooth with the seductive tactile qualities of natural leather grain, and the thickness gives it strength and elasticity while maintaining breathability.

Category A : The best value option, category A leathers are semi-aniline with an opaque pigmented finish and a corrected grain. The corrected grain ensures a uniform finish, which some people prefer to the natural variations of higher leather grades. Category A leathers are non-porous and very easy to clean, making them a great choice for a family suite.

Category C : Category C leathers are of medium thickness, semi-aniline with a natural grain finish. They have an dyed and pigmented surface, and depending on the grade chosen may have a tougher or softer finish or even a specialty two-tone colour or marbling effect. Due to the thicker structure of the leather, Category C leathers are more durable while still being non-porous and easy to clean.

Category E : Category E leathers are thick and supple, semi-aniline with an entirely natural grain. Having a natural grain means these leathers are not uniform, but have a variation in the grain size and the occasional scar or insect bite from the cattle they were taken from. They are often brightly pigmented and have a soft tactile finish. Category E leathers are very popular as they combine the ease of care of a semi-aniline leather with a soft texture and an attractive finish.

Category F : Category F leathers are some of the most luxurious leathers we have to offer, full aniline leathers with an entirely natural grain. These leathers are thick, soft to the touch and beautiful to look at. Included in Category F are the full aniline leathers, aniline suede leathers, and the specialist finish leathers including oiled and pearlised effects. Fully aniline leather is porous, meaning it will absorb liquids and therefor stain, so it does require a bit more care than a semi-aniline leather. Category F leathers are long-lasting, with a luxurious finish that will look and feel fantastic.

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