What is the Best Carpet to Install in Your Bedroom?

For most of us, our bedroom is our sanctuary. Yet, despite the fact that most of us spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, the foot traffic is actually relatively low. This means that unlike the rest of the home where carpet choice is often driven by durability and practicality, carpets in the bedroom can be a little more … Read More

Looking for Bedroom Storage Ideas? 8 Benefits of Fitted Wardrobes

bedroom storage benefits of fitted wardrobes

With increasingly busy lives, we all crave a bedroom that we can retreat to. A place to de-stress and unwind from day to day life, just like those we see in those glossy magazines. However, in reality, one of the most common complaints from homeowners when it comes to their bedrooms is the lack of storage which causes chaos instead … Read More

Six Ways To Sleep Better

Weeks of tossing and turning can drive you nuts! In this guest article, Lisa Artis of the Sleep Council provides her tips on how to get a better nights sleep. Achieving a good night’s sleep is a problem for an awful lot of people, so to mark National Bed Month this March here are our top six ways to help … Read More