What factors affect the price of a kitchen?

It might be a kitchen you have inherited through a move and the layout is all wrong, or one that is starting to look tired from years of use. Whatever it is, the frustration of having a kitchen you don’t love can become overwhelming. So, maybe it’s time to replace it with something that you do love… it’s almost impossible to give you a price for your brand new kitchen as there are so many different factors that can affect the price, and we’ll be exploring some of them in this blog.

10 Macmillan Coffee Morning Recipes

At Millers we love cake and coffee and are excited to be hosting our very own coffee morning as part of Macmillan Cancer Supports World’s Biggest Coffee Morning campaign.  So as the Montrose team prepare for their own ‘bake off’, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite Macmillan Coffee Morning recipes. We hope the team take our very big hint and … Read More

Kitchen Design Queries: Induction Or Gas Cooker Hob?

Induction cooker hob, New kitchen planning

When planning my new kitchen should I choose induction or gas for my cooker hob? If you are agonsising over this decision, I’m going to guess that you currently have gas in your existing kitchen, and you and your partner are at loggerheads about whether to change to induction for your new hob installation. Overall it comes down to personal … Read More