What to Think About While Designing Your Kitchen: 13 Key Considerations for the Perfect Kitchen

For many the kitchen is the heart of the home- so if you are investing in a make-over you want to get it right! 

Designing a beautiful kitchen that works practically as well as visually takes come careful planning. Most people will work with an experienced kitchen designer as it is not something you undertake everyday, but It is always good to get your head around the key considerations 

Here are our top 13 considerations, that you might not think of to help you get started on your kitchen designing. 

13 Key Considerations When Planning the Perfect Kitchen 

Limit wasted steps

To have a highly functional kitchen you should think about how you are going to use it. Think about where you store your kitchen items – cups and glasses, is there going to be a cupboard next to the tap or kettle. The dishes and cutlery drawer should be as close as possible to the dishwasher for ease of unloading. Pots and pans stored neatly by the hob for easy selection whilst cooking.

Carefully crafted corners

Make sure you plan adequate space for doors which open on a corner, allow proper clearance to make sure the doors don’t bang into each other when they are open, keep appliances away from corner spots as they are less flexible and more awkward to fit in. Our German kitchens come with a range of space saving options if you find you have awkward spaces to fill.

Traffic direction

Traffic through the kitchen can cause chaos, particularly if you have small children or often have youngsters in your house. Make sure cooking areas are out of the way of passers by and that the fridge/freezer is easily accessible to those cooking and those just looking for a quick snack or milk for their tea.

Microwave height

The correct height and location of any appliance will depend on the person cooking, any disabilities or if the kitchen needs to be child friendly. A recommended height for installing a microwave is 15cm above the worktop, a counter solution may fit your needs better if you have the space.

Working space

Working space, otherwise known as landing space, needs to be considered in any well designed kitchen. The recommendation is that you allow at least 15 inches of worktop either side of a hob/cooker top, either side of the fridge and also near the microwave. This will allow you space to put utensils, ingredients and cooking equipment.

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Design wide walkways

All paths through your kitchen should be at least 36 inches wide to comply with building regulations. Paths within the cooking zone should be either 42 inches or 48 inches depending on the configuration of your kitchen. The more space you have the easier this will be to configure with your design.

Plug sockets

Think about installing multiple sockets along the wall, so you can have electricity where you need it. Additional sockets will be required for appliances underneath the worktop too so that you can hide wiring to the oven, hob and refrigeration units. 


Sometimes it is easy to get carried away with making the best use of space for storage, that we forget the importance of making space for heating. Always remember to consider space for radiators or look at alternative solutions like underfloor heating or plinth heaters if space is limited.


It’s great that more and more recycling is being encouraged worldwide. But what does this mean for your kitchen? Why not include a cupboard in your kitchen which you can equip for dealing with all of your recycling. You could include containers for glass, plastic, metal, newspapers and food waste.

Cleaning your kitchen

Most people find cleaning their kitchen a chore. If this applies to you, then think about the following when designing your new kitchen. Shiny gloss finishes will tend to show up dirt more obviously than Matte finishes; flush set sinks and hobs have little or no crumb catching rims to worry about; integrated appliances mean less dirt gathering on top or underneath than their freestanding alternatives.

Colour schemes

The colour you chose for walls and cabinets can make a big difference to how your kitchen feels.  Dark colours can often make a space seem smaller, whereas pale colours and natural light will visually expand it.  Fashion doesn’t last forever whereas you want your kitchen to last usually at least a decade- opting for timeless classic styles means that the kitchen is far less likely to look out of date. This is especially important if you are planning to move, be that to a larger family home or to downsize in retirement. 

Simple decoration

Too many eye catching patterns and colours, fancy tiles and large cooker hoods can often be a little much on the eye. Try picking one focal point and then subtly adding some quieter design details to compliment it. 


Is your kitchen layout large enough that you can encase a seating area? Whether it is a breakfast bar, island area or a separate table this needs to be drawn into your plans to ensure the right walkway area and worktop space is available. 

Summary: 13 Key Considerations When Planning the Perfect Kitchen 

The perfect kitchen is one that works for you practically as well as visually. It is not an everyday occurrence so it is important to take the time to think about what activities you like to undertake in a kitchen. Do you like to entertain friends for dinner and bake with the kids or are you more of a convenience chef? 

Many of our clients will already have some concepts of how they’d like their kitchen to look when they first come into meet us. The 13 considerations listed will be helpful to work through in those initial thought stages but don’t worry we’ll make sure it’s all taken care of  when you meet with our experienced Kitchen Designer. 

If you are looking into designing your kitchen space and would like some help and advice, please get in touch, we would love to help.  You can book an appointment in either kitchen showroom or just pop in when you are passing by.

Got questions? Contact us today and a member of our team will be happy to help.